Convenience Store LED Solutions

LED lights have many attractive applications for convenience stores and gasoline stations.

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LED canopy fixture
LEDs can be used for recessed lighting, refrigeration lighting, retail spot-lighting, under-cabinet lights, and exterior fixtures, such as signs and fuel pump canopies.

LEDs give off minimal heat and reduce glare while using significantly less energy and providing many years of maintenance free concerns.

For store owners looking for a competitive edge, LEDs also significantly improve the look of a store. Many customers have commented on how a store looks brand new or cleaner after a store has undergone an LED upgrade.

Lighting Consultation

  • LED Benefits
  • Why Switch to LED

LED Benefits

LED lighting is designed to provide quality lighting with minimal service. By switching you’ll benefits will include:

  • Enhance storefront curb appeal
  • Increase customer safety and security
  • Improve overall customer experience
  • Consistent color temperature across store improves product displays
  • Reduce costly maintenance
  • Energy savings

Why Switch to LED

With most convenient stores operating on a 24/7 basis, decreased maintenance costs and energy savings gained over the lifespan of the lighting are a significant advantage to store owners.

Convenience stores are faced with unique security concerns. A quality LED solution can enhance your existing camera system as well. Swapping traditional lighting with LED lights significantly cuts energy consumption in a standard refrigerated case. The case also looks better because LED lighting is not affected by cold temperatures the way fluorescent light does. That improves in-case merchandising and also creates a better-lit, safer environment for employees working in walk-in coolers and freezers.

LED lighting solutions for convenient stores has proven to be a very successful investment. Store owners benefit from having an energy efficient,
higher quality lighting environment with improved performance and security.

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