Back in late summer of 2015, Sitler’s worked with Sisson and Associates, a Charles City insurance office you come across as you pull into town. With very little windows in the building, LEDs have proven to brighten up their office. Bob Ingram stated, “As for working conditions, reading and things like that, we never knew how dull those other lights were. We thought those lights were bright, and they aren’t even close. And these lights aren’t hard on your eyes.” While LED lights range in color from bright blue to softer oranges and reds, Sisson and Associates chose a softer white light to brighten up the space and help them get through daily tasks, such as reading and filing, easier. “The telltale sign was when they put the lights in my office. Tom Sissons office had our old lights and all you saw was this dull, yellow hue. When you looked in my office everything was so bright and so clear. Like night and day,” stated Ingram. Sometimes you have to see to believe!


When you’re headed to the gym you’re focused on the workout ahead. Yet, according to Lance Lasher, the Charles City YMCA director, “There were comments right away [from members] about the brightness and how everything looked whiter and cleaner.” Installing LED lights in the local YMCA not only impressed members by how bright the new lights were in comparison to the fluorescent ones, but the lights are already starting to pay off. Installed early in October, the YMCA is already seeing great energy savings!


When you own your own business, keeping the bottom line in mind is essential. When your business also happens to be a furniture store, your products are just as important to protect. Mike Dugan, owner of The Furniture Barn in Charles City, IA, has not only noticed energy savings since installing lights in early fall of 2015, but his products have been benefiting as well. “We have the LED lighting in our lamps also and I love that they are a lot cooler. It makes it look a lot better. We have protective plastic wrapping on our shades and the 60 Watt bulbs made them decay and dry out. With these lights, they’re so cool, they don’t even hurt them.” Thanks to their cool touch, the LED bulbs keep products in the best condition possible. Also, due to the lack of UV ray emissions, Mike’s furniture won’t discolor under the LED bulbs. The fabric colors look their best and stay their best! As for his experience working with Sitler’s, and if he would recommend LED lights to other local businesses, Mike stated, “I probably wouldn’t recommend it if they couldn’t get you guys to do it. You guys have the best team a person could ever get in with.”

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