Installing LED bulbs in your retail store not only saves you money, but shows the true color and quality of your products with no UV ray damage!
Have you ever been in a store, debating whether those pants are indeed navy blue or black? Or if that sweater is more orange or red? Colors change depending on lighting, making it that much more important to have great lighting in retail stores. LED lights are the best on the market to showcase products in their truest colors, whether you are selling clothing, paint samples, or furniture!
Sitler’s LED Supplies has the lighting solution for your office or business. Whether you have a small office or a large retail store, we have LED lighting to suit your needs.

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No More Fade

Clothing, paint and furniture colors all fade over time, for various reasons. Did you know lighting could be a major factor in fading and discoloration? Most traditional light bulbs, such as fluorescent tubes or incandescent bulbs, even CFLs, give off UV rays that cause fading and
discoloration. In a retail setting with clothing and fabric covered furniture, this means your products could be fading and losing quality over time.

With LED lighting, no UV rays are given off, completely eliminating the chances of fading due to poor lighting! This means that items that don’t
move as quickly, such as furniture, will stay in pristine condition for much longer!

LED Benefits

LED lighting is designed to provide quality lighting with minimal service. By switching, your benefits will include:

Improved Lighting Quality
Doesn’t Cause Fading or Color Change
Ideal for Small Spaces and Displays
Significantly Reduced Maintenance
Reduced Energy Usage

Better Focus

Today, 90 percent of people spend the majority of their time indoors, whether they are working, going to school or at home. This means quality
indoor lighting is imperative to your health. Without properly adjusted lighting, your body’s circadian rhythm is disrupted which can affect
your overall health. LED lighting can be used to the benefit of your company by controlling the light to model natural light cycles. This is referred to as Human Centric Lighting (HCL).

Human Centric Lighting has been shown to improve a person’s long-term focus and visual acuity, as well as circadian rhythms, sleep, mood,
perception, and performance and productivity. HCL is designed to dim and brighten according to specific times during the day and even particular environments such as schools, hospitals and office buildings.