Sitler’s LED Catalog Preview

Sitler’s LED Supplies has revamped their website in the past month, bringing new content and information to our clients! One of our new features is our digital Sitler’s LED Catalog. You can view this catalog online or print for easy perusing. Let’s take a look at what you can find inside!

Sitler’s LED Catalog – Company, Process and Advantages

Our new LED catalog highlights information about Sitler’s past in the lighting field, how we work with electricians and clients to bring them LED lighting at a competitive cost, and the advantages and benefits of working with Sitler’s.

Sitler’s LED Supplies is a VAR, or Value Added Reseller. This allows us to bring thousands of clients lighting to improve their environment, lower their utilities and avoid future maintenance issues. We pride ourselves on always having lighting supplies in stock, in order to fill client orders quickly and efficiently!

At Sitler’s, we view our relationship with clients as a partnership, working together to find the best lighting solutions. This includes free walkthroughs and evaluations, layouts, financial analysis, rebate processing and so much more!

Lastly, the main advantage of working with Sitler’s is that LED lighting is all we do. We pride ourselves on being LED experts and remain so with on-going training and continued education.

Sitler’s LED Catalog – Manufacturer’s

Sitler’s LED Supplies is able to bring a variety of LED lighting products to clients across the Midwest thanks to our partnerships with varying LED manufacturers. By working with a multitude of manufacturers, Sitler’s has access to LED lights for every market and purpose. From hospital lighting to hog barn lighting, we have you covered!

Sitler’s LED Catalog – Products

If you have an LED need, Sitler’s has an LED solution. In our catalog’s Products section, you will find detailed descriptions of all the products we offer, with charts showcasing wattage, lifespan, color temperature, rated hours, warranty, lumens and much more. You are able to compare LED lighting options all in one place. No more bouncing around the internet!

You will find information for LED lights ranging from LED linear tubes to LED panels to UFO High Bays to Shoebox Lights and so much more!

Download the Sitler’s LED Catalog!

You can access the Sitler’s LED Catalog for free on our website! Click here to view or download the catalog today! For more information on pricing, call Sitler’s at (319)-519-0039 or send us an email!

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