How LEDs can Improve Security in Prisons

LED lighting has proven to be extremely useful in schools and hospitals, and not just because of their energy savings. LED lighting in schools has shown to increase learning and retainment, as well as keep students focused and on task. LED lighting in hospitals has shown to help reduce recovery time and improve patient sleep schedules. But did you also know LED lights also serve a greater purpose in prisons as well? Let’s dive into how LED lighting can help reduce security threats in jails and prisons.

Security Risks within a Prison

Whether you are a security guard, warden or inmate in a prison, it is a high stress environment. This rise in stress also leads to a rise in irritability. The sound of a buzzing light or a flickering fluorescent tube could be the difference between a peaceful day or a stressful one. A lot of workers and inmates time is spent indoors, and poor lighting can become a stressor. LEDs offer a great lighting solution, where buzzing and flickering lights will be taken out of the equation. Reducing environmental irritants and stress is important to keeping inmates calm and guards focused. Another security risk in prisons and jails is visibility and detection. Cells and open areas may have dark spots that are hard to see in person or on camera. For guards to do their jobs well, they must always be vigilant and aware of their surroundings. With dull traditional lighting, this can be difficult. By replacing old bulbs with new LEDs, guards will be able to make our their environment more clearly, get accurate head counts and reduce the number of dark corners and shadowed areas.

Update Your Facilities with Sitler’s

Sitler’s has worked with jail facilities in the past, and can get your buildings fitted with the best LED technology. Give us a call at (319)-519-0039 or send us an email to get started!

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