Can Lights

We pride ourselves in helping businesses save money and decrease energy usage

Can Lights

Upgrade Can lights to Modern LED Styles

Our LED can lights offer both a better lighting environment and a more modern look compared to incandescent or halogen can lights. Multi-family LED lighting fixtures provide a wide variety of opportunities for multi-family operators to save money and create a distinctive feel throughout their portfolios. Can lights are often used for common spaces and hallways, as well as parking structures. View the Sitler's LED Supplies catalog for more information.

Improved Light Distribution

Improved light distribution eliminates the "spotlight" look of halogen alternatives.

Easy Retrofit

Easily retrofitted into existing downlights.

Less Heat

Produces less heat compared to existing can lights.

10x Longer

Last 10x longer than conventional can lights.

Direct Mounts

New construction options that mount directly to a junction box.