Raising animals indoors requires specialized lighting for optimal results in yield and animal welfare.


Sitler’s LED Supplies carries a broad range of ONCE agricultural lighting solutions to fit the unique challenges of your farm.

Making the switch to LED lighting has a number of benefits for both your animals and your bottom line. ONCE products are designed specifically for your animals’ needs. They reduce stress and increase production all while saving you money on decreased electrical bills.

Get started by speaking with one of our Agricultural LED lighting experts to learn the benefits of upgrading your lights to LED.

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Animal Specific

Not all lights are created equally. Standard incandescent or metal halide lights are inefficient and provide light that is less than optimal. Once LED lighting systems are designed with your animals in mind. They provide bright and energy efficient lighting that is controlled to simulate
more ideal conditions for the animals. By providing this optimized lighting the animals experience less stress and production increases while operating costs fall.

LED Benefits

ONCE LED lighting is designed to stand up to the demands of farming. By switching to ONCE LED solutions your benefits will include:

Dim-to-Calm Technology
Increased Animal Productivity
Improved Animal Welfare
Improved Lighting Quality and Brightness
Reduced Energy Usage
Suitable for Damp Locations

Why Switch to LED

Just as the type of lighting used in a barn is important, so is the duration of light the animals are exposed to. Leaving a constant stream of light on in your barns is not healthy for your animals. Studies have shown that extended hours of light can be beneficial to your swine’s appetite and rate of gain, but they must not be left under bright light for 24 hours straight.

According to the Pork Network, piglets benefit from longer hours of light (between 15-18 hours) due to an increase in suckling. Also, longer hours of light have shown an increase in food intake in growers and finishers. With LED dim to red swine lights, hog handlers are able to create the best lighting in their buildings for the best results, all while reducing operating cost