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Raising Animals Indoors Requires Specialized Lighting For Optimal Results in Yield and Animal Welfare

Sitler's LED Supplies carries a broad range of ONCE agricultural lighting solutions to fit the unique challenges of your farm.

Making the switch to LED lighting has a number of benefits for both your animals and your bottom line. ONCE products are designed specifically for your animals' needs. They reduce stress and increase production all while saving you money on decreased electrical bills.

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ONCE LED lighting is designed to stand up to the demands of farming

Dim-to-calm technology

Suitable for damp locations

improved lighting quality

Reduced Energy usage

increased animal productivity

increase animal welfare



You Can create the best lighting for the best results

What really convinced me to install the LED lights was the 150 watt bulbs I had in my building before, I wanted a light that could withstand the elements of a hog barn.

John Greiner

Greiner Farms, Keota Iowa