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Car Dealership Solutions

Lighting plays a pivotal part in all dealership settings including: offices, sales floor, service bays, and parking lot.

Sitler's LED Supplies has a large array of in stock LED products that will provide the proper lighting for every area in the dealership.

LED lighting showcases cars in their truest form and how they were intended to be shown. With a natural daylight lighting, even at night in the parking lot, the cars shine and stand out.

A Difference You Can See


Better Visibility In Service Bays

Reduced Glare In Showroom

Increased Safety
& Security

Increase Foot Traffic
After Hours

Shows cars in their true colors



You'll see a Night and Day Difference

At first we were reluctant to spend the money to upgrade the lighting. Once the project was completed, we immediately realized the benefits! The difference in the appearance of our store, now vs. then, is like night and day. It truly makes a great difference!

DJ Deery

General Manager, Dan Deery Toyota