Electricians/Contractors: Use Our Lighting Design Service To Ensure Your Project Success
Electricians/Contractors: Start Evolving Your Lighting Design

Sitler's Lighting Design!

New LED lighting concepts are evolving constantly as advancements in technology continue to provide creative design solutions and reduce operating costs.

Sitler's LED Supplies provides you with high quality lighting design and layout service to ensure your lighting solution is perfect for your space and budget.

Our lighting design service can start with a scaled drawing of your rooms or basic dimensions for the area.

Our goal is to create a design that provides for evenly distributed light throughout the spaces. We also take into consideration such factors and natural sunlight, high usage areas.

We work with you with a budget in mind along with understanding your preferred style. Activities that take place in your rooms and spaces are also taken into consideration along with any particular impressions you want within the lighted space.

We also provide recommendations on features such as controls and automation that can be very cost effective for energy savings and enhanced security.

Ultimately our goal is to provide you with the best design at the best price and the best service for your LED project needs.

How It Works

Partner with us by providing us all of the info for the project and a budget.


We will design the project to your specifications and provide you drawings to use on the jobsite.


Win more projects with professional lighting layouts you can include with your bid that ensure you are meeting the customers needs.

Click on the following images to view a sample of our lighting designs.
Conference Room

Lighting upgrade of small conference room. Customers used 2 - 2x4 flat panels to achieve a 4x4 look.

Exterior Layout

New construction basic exterior building layout using wall pack fixtures and disc lights for canopies.

Parking Lot Layout

New construction small parking lot lit with a variety of configurations of area lights. Wall packs were used for the driveway in the rear.


New construction of basic warehouse and office space. Fixtures used included high bays, flat panels, strips, and disc lights.

Tennis Courts

Lighting upgrade to LED using indirect light with the fixtures pointing upward. This allowed for very uniform lighting across the court surfaces.

Residential Home

New construction high end home lit with 4" downlights and tape lighting on top of the wood beams.

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