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Students Deserve A Learning Environment Designed With Their Success In Mind

Many of our current schools have substandard fluorescent lighting which leads to reduced focus and increased eye strain. This lighting is less efficient, requires more maintenance, and is often times not bright enough for students' needs.

Sitler's LED supplies can custom tailor a lighting solution to address these issues for your school specifically in mind. Our lighting experts have helped more than forty school districts convert to LED lighting and the results have been phenomenal.

Education LED Lights 1


LED lighting is designed to provide quality Lighting with minimal service

Improved Focus

Reduced Eye Strain While Reading

improved lighting


Significantly Reduced

Education LED Lights 2


You Can create the best lighting for the best results
  • With ever shrinking budgets, reducing utility and maintenance costs are paramount.
  • LED lighting eliminates the most common failure points of fluorescent lighting while saving energy and money.
  • In addition to classrooms, LED's are an ideal solution for gyms, cafeterias, offices, libraries, and parking lots.
  • Outdoor LED's improve imaging on security cameras and provides a safer nighttime environment.
  • Sitler's partners with contractors around the state helping you get your project finished efficiently with minimal disruption to student's learning.

We've had savings up to $650 per month on our electric bill since the installation of our LED lights in the schools.

Carmen Benson

Business Manager, Winfield Mt. Union Comm. School District