You Can Save Money and Decrease Energy Usage with LED Lighting In Many Different Areas

Raising Animals Indoors Requires Specialized Lighting For Optimal Results

Convenience Stores

LED's have many applications for convenience stores and gas stations

Car Dealerships

A Car dealership has a plethora of different lighting needs


LED Lights built to work and improve productivity in your employees


Students deserve a learning environment designed with their success in mind

Office & Retail

In order to buy what you want in it's truest form, you need to be able to see it


Raising animals indoors requires specialized lighting for optimal results in yield and animal welfare

Sitler's LED Supplise carries a broad range of ONCE agricultural lighting solutions to fit the unique challenges of your farm.

Making the switch to LED lighting has a number of benefits for both your animals and your bottom line. ONCE products are designed specifically for your animals' needs. They reduce stress and increase production all while saving you money on decreased electrical bills.

Convenience Store Solutions

LED lights have many attractive applications for convenience stores and gas stations

They can be used for recessed lighting, refrigeration lighting, retail spot-lighting, under cabinet lights, and exterior fixtures, such as signs and fuel pump canopies.

LED's give off minimal heat and reduce glare while using significantly less energy and providing many years of maintenance free operation.

  For store owners looking for a competitive edge, LED's also significantly improve the look of a store. Many customers have commented on how a store looks brand new or cleaner after a store has undergone an LED upgrade.

Car Dealership Solutions

A car dealership has a plethora of different lighting needs

Lighting plays a pivotal part in all dealership settings including: offices, sales floor, service bays, and parking lot.

Sitler's LED Supplies has a large array of in stock LED products that will provide the proper lighting for every area in the dealership.

LED lighting showcases cars in their truest form and how they were intended to be shown. With a natural daylight lighting, even at night in the parking lot, the cars shine and stand out.


Students deserve a learning environment designed with their success in mind

Many of our current schools have substandard fluorescent lighting which leads to reduced focus and increased eye strain. This lighting is less efficient, requires more maintenance, and is often times not bright enough for students' needs.

Sitler's LED supplies can custom tailer a lighting solution to address these issues. Our lighting experts have helped more than forty school districts convert ot LED lighting.


LED's Built To Work

It's well known that to keep profits high, you have to keep maintenance and business costs low. Stoppage in production takes time and costs money. With our reliable LED lighting solutions, we will help you keep costs low, reduce maintenance, and keep your profits high.

Companies that invest in LED lighting save upwards of 75% every month in energy bills.

OFFICE & Retail Solutions

In order to buy what you want, you need to be able to see it

Have you ever been in a store, debating whether those pants are indeed navy blue or black? Or if that sweater is more orange or red? Colors change depending on lighting, making it that much more important to have great lighting in retail stores. LED lights are the best on the market to showcase products in their truest colors, whether you are selling clothing, paint samples, or furniture!

Sitler's LED Supplies has the lighting solution for your office or business. Whether you have a small office or a large retail store, we have the LED lighting to suit your needs.

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