Evaluation & Assessment

Every business possesses a unique set of needs. Whether you are looking to save money or brighten your work space, our professionals will evaluate your space and assess your company’s goals to compile the best possible LED solution for you.

Sitlers provides a free customized one page proposal designed to help our customers understand the tangible benefits of their lighting project.

  • Single page, easy to understand
  • Clearly defined Target Objective(s) and benefits gained
  • Estimated Energy Savings and $$$ Rebates from your Electric Utility Provider
  • Financial Analysis including:
    • Out of Pocket Project Cost
    • Simple Payback
    • Net Present Value
    • Return on Investment
    • Savings to Investment Ratio
  • Dedicated, trained in-house expert Financial Energy Analysts

Recent LED Proposals:

Depending on your specific needs, our experienced staff will provide a variety of options and solutions to best accomplish your goals.

Contact Us to set up your evaluation and assessment today!

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