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Why We want to Promote You

What Are Customer & PArtner Promotions?

Sitler's LED Supplies services don't just end at the end of a project. Our staff provides our customers and partners with customized "Sitler's Spotlights" to help promote your business and lighting projects through our custom process of maximized online exposure. Depending on the nature of the project or of your business, these spotlights can include anything from press releases to professional videography.

Visit our Spotlights Page to see examples of Customer and partner Spotlights. Contact your Sitler's representative to learn more about this value-add service we provide!

Website Feature

"Spotlight" feature on Sitler's LED Supplies Website.

Video Production

Professional team of videographers capturing your LED lighting project (including Drone Footage).


Show up on the first page of search results with Search Engine Optimization.

Before & After Photos

Receive both before and after photos from our photography team.

Press Releases

Have your project highlighted in the local news paper or other press releases.

Live Events

Be a part of a live event to showcase your new LED lighting project.

To learn more about our customer and partner promotions, visit our spotlights page or shoot us an email at If you want to learn more about our partnerships follow the link below.


Why You Should Choose us

Online Exposure

We will help your business show up in search engines.

Show Off Your Lighting Project

Our spotlights will highlight your brand new lighting project and can help draw in customers for your business.


Our professional team of videographers will highlight your LED lighting project then pass the video along to you.

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