At first we were reluctant to spend the money to upgrade the lighting. Once the project was completed, we immediately realized the benefits! The difference in the appearance of our store, now vs. then, is like night and day. It truly makes a great difference. – D.J. Deery, General Manager
Dan Deery Toyota
Cedar Falls, IA
I just wanted to shout out another thank-you to Jeff, Brock, and Ren. Our LED training went very well and we have received a lot of great feedback from my class. Hope that you can keep me on your radar for another teaching opportunity again next year. – Chris McAllister, ABC Level 3 Instructor
ABC of Iowa Electrician Apprenticeship Training
Cedar Rapids, IA
Sitler’s did a wonderful job on the design and installation of our new facility lights. They were punctual and attentive. Many of our members noticed the difference the new lights made! – BJ Fish
Perfect Game Inc.
Cedar Rapids, IA
We made the decision to work with Sitler’s and upgrade the lighting at our convenience stores and travel plaza. The benefits included better quality light, reduced energy usage, and reduced maintenance. Plus, the utility companies offered rebates that lowered the initial cost of the project. Sitler’s made the process easy and handled the rebate applications, lighting upgrades, and ongoing maintenance. We are very pleased with the results. – Scott Cornish
Petroleum Services Company
Coralville, IA
I am writing this to let you know how pleased we are with our new LED lighting! The increased amount of light is refreshing and our electric bill has already showed a substantial decrease! The coordination with the installer made the install quick and unobtrusive. We are still waiting for our rebate. That will be the icing on the cake!Thanks again! – Doug Kohoutek
Colony Heating & Air Conditioning
Cedar Rapids, IA
We are very pleased with the way that the LED’s that were provided by Sitler’s, have brightened our woodworking shop. Good lighting has always been a struggle for us in an industry where lighting is critical. Sitler’s has met and exceeded our expectations. – Lynn Hostetler
Ramsey Creek Woodworks
Kalona, IA
The telltale sign was when they put the lights in my office and Tom Sisson’s office had our old lights. All you saw was this dull, yellow hue in his office, and when you looked in my office everything was so bright and so clear. Like night and day. – Bob Ingram
Sisson and Associates, Inc.
Charles City, IA
There were comments right away [from members] about the brightness and how everything looked whiter and cleaner. – Lance Lasher
Charles City YMCA
Charles City, IA
You can see better definition in the client’s muscles when working out. If they can see that then it gets them more excited about their workout and results. I’ve noticed that a lot. – Matt Doughty
Elevated Fitness
Des Moines, IA
Before, during and after installation Sitler’s was right there with me. – Jarrett Ball
Ball Farms
Winfield, IA
What really convinced me to install the LED lights was that they are waterproof and much brighter and more efficient than the 150 watt bulbs I had in my building before. I wanted a light that could withstand the elements of a hog barn. – John Greiner
Greiner Farms
Keota, IA
I wouldn’t recommend anybody but Sitler’s. – Mike Dugan
The Furniture Barn
Charles City, IA
We DEFINITELY received comments immediately about how much brighter and whiter the light is! It is like night/day between our two shops now! – Nathan Pacha
Premier Automotive
North Liberty, IA
Wow, the library looks great! It makes me want to change out all of the bulbs, because now the other ones just seem dull! – Debbie Stanton
Washington Public Library
Washington, IA
There is no comparison [between old lights and LEDs] – better for kids, staff and the budget! -Kevin Fiene, Superintendent
Interstate 35 Community School District
Truro, IA
[We’ve seen] $8750 in savings for a 3-month period even though the average temperature was higher which would have raised the electric bill for additional cooling costs! – Dave Broussard, Director of Information Technology
Grant Wood AEA
Cedar Rapids, IA
[Working with Sitler’s was] easy – we are planning to utilize them for additional projects this coming year. – Lance Ridgely, Superintendent
East Union Community School District
Afton, IA
We have had savings up to $650/month since the installation on our electric bill! – Carmen Benson, Business Manager
Winfield Mt. Union Community School District
Winfield, IA
The new lighting changed the whole look of our classrooms and gym! – Karleen Stephens, Superintendent
Diagonal Community School District
Diagonal, IA
We are satisfied [with the LED lighting]. Staff and students have commented that the lighting is better now than it was previously. – Tony Alysworth, Superintendent
Pleasantville Community School District
Pleasantville, IA
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