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It's well known that to keep profits high, you have to keep maintenance and business costs low. Stoppage in production takes time and costs money. With our reliable LED lighting solutions, we will help you keep costs low, reduce maintenance, and keep your profits high.

Companies that invest in LED lighting save upwards of 75% every month in energy bills.

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LED’s are the best option when it comes to lighting your facility

Instant Technology

Increased safety

Consistent Lighting Levels

Reduced Energy Usage

Increase production with reduced waste

reduced maintenance



You Can create the best lighting for the best results

We are very pleased with the way that the LED's that were provided by Sitler's have brightened our woodworking shop. Good lighting has always been a struggle for us in an industry where lighting is critical. Sitler's has met and exceeded our expectations.

Ramsey Creek Woodworks

Kalona, Iowa