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Sitler’s LED Supplies has helped numerous schools and organizations make the switch to LEDs.

LED light sources have a much greater lifespan than metal halide light sources with significantly less lumen depreciation over typical sports lighting operating hours. For example, a metal halide light source may reach 70% lumen maintenance in as little as 2,100–3,000 hours while an LED light source may take 100,000 hours or more.


Players and fans alike will experience the superior definition provided by LED lighting.

Save Energy, Save Money

LED sports lighting saves you money by significantly decreasing your power usage.

Multiple Applications

Applicable to stadiums, arenas, and gymnasiums of any size.

Reduce Maintenance

LED sports lighting can provide up to 20-25 year lifespans and 150,000 hours.

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Benefits of Sports LED lighting

The following Footcandle data is provided by the Sports Lighting Guidelines created by the Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSSA).

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