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The Complete LED Sports Lighting Guide

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

Sports stadiums and arenas are more than a court or field with a stack of benches. They are home to live sports entertainment and provide the backdrop for what we see when watching from home.  In addition to a place of work for the athletes and entertainment for spectators, these sports facilities serve multiple functions and therefore require optimal and efficient lighting solutions. 

In recent years, we have seen an upward trend in professional sports fields and stadiums making the switch to LED lighting. LED sports lighting saves money, provides brighter, whiter light for players, helps reduce power usage, and is applicable to stadiums, arenas, and gymnasiums of any size!

Sitler’s LED Supplies has helped a number of organizations, teams, fields, and gyms make the switch to LEDs, from a school basketball court to an indoor baseball pitch. Keep reading to learn more about the best-LED lighting replacements for your outdated traditional sports lighting.

Benefits of LED Lighting for All Your Sporting Events

Basketball and Gymnasium LED Lighting

Many of today’s gymnasiums have been in need of a lighting upgrade for decades. Waiting for the halogen lights to warm up and turn on before early morning basketball practices, the constant humming of the lights, and producing more heat output than light output in order to even stay on are familiar and common problems.

For years, gymnasium lighting has been limited to halogen high bay lighting, the most common light fixture for spaces with ceilings higher than 15 feet. Most gymnasium lighting is more than 20 feet off of the ground, due to the nature of sports played in the space, such as basketball and volleyball. These conditions require effective lighting for proper sports play. All of these factors make gyms a great candidate for LED high bay lighting.

LED high bays last up to 16 times longer than halogen lamps, with a lifespan of 50,000+ hours! They are also more durable and not as prone to damage during installation. Lastly, their reduced energy usage and fewer maintenance needs make them a great cost savings and capital investment.

Sitler’s has been able to help schools throughout Iowa update their gymnasium lighting, including Perry CSD, Diagonal CSD, and Belle Plaine CSD!

Football Outdoor Lighting

Finding the right lighting that is energy efficient for outdoor stadiums like football fields used to be nearly impossible. Now, LED lighting has made it easier than ever. High-intensity discharge (HID) lighting has been used most often in outdoor field lighting in the past. These traditional lights get the job done, but not very effectively. They require a lot of power and heat to turn and stay on. Unlike HID lights, LEDs perform and thrive in cold conditions, perfect for the late football season and early spring track season. They also require less maintenance, have longer lifespans, and illuminate the field with brighter light at a lower cost! These benefits make LED replacements for HID lights a tremendous investment! 

Check out our West Central CSD football stadium lighting renovation!

Baseball Lighting

Proper lighting in baseball stadiums could literally make or break a game. Not only do the lights allow the players to continue to play into the night, but the lighting is also essential to making sure they don’t lose sight of the baseball, which can speed toward them at 130 miles per hour. Traditionally, metal halide lighting is the baseball stadium standard, but the attractive prices and advantages provided by LEDs are resulting in a tremendous number of new and existing fields utilizing new LED solutions. 

Metal halide lights, in order to light the stadium, need to be around 1000 watts per light, with as many as eight bulbs per pole in the stadium. This on top of the long run time of games means a hefty electricity bill. LED replacements for halide lights can run on around 800 watts with 20 to 30 percent more light output to boot! Better yet, LED lights turn on instantaneously, where metal halide lights take upwards of 30 minutes to even warm up.

View Sitler’s overhaul of Perfect Game Indoor Facility here! 

Swimming LED Lighting, Inside and Out

LED lighting for swimming pools can double the lighting and efficiency! Not only do swim facilities need proper overhead lighting, but also proper lighting below the water, where the athletes need the best lighting as well. The benefit of using LED lighting is clear, as underwater LED pool lights can throw the same lumen output as incandescent bulbs, around 1400 lumens or more, while only using 14 to 20 watts, as opposed to 100! This improved lumen output means swimmers are safer and able to see more clearly for turns and dives.

LEDs also don’t require heat to turn on and stay on, making them a great choice for pool lighting, as they won’t add to the temperature of the water. Their long lifespan also means you save money and wasting time replacing old, burned out, inefficient bulbs when maintaining with a large footprint of water

Sitler’s Best Selling Sports Lighting

Sitler’s provides great LED sports lighting replacements for your field, gym, or stadium at competitive prices. 

We always work with licensed professional electricians to get the job done quickly and done right. Plus, every proposal from our lighting consultants is free of charge! 

To get your free quote on a sports lighting overhaul, whether it be for your school, business, or park, contact us today!

Follow this link to the Sports Lighting Guidelines created by the Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSSA) –