New Research on Low-Glare LED Streetlights!

LEDs have infiltrated every nook and cranny in the LED lighting industry. There has recently been an upswing in cities investing in LED street lighting, as they keep drivers more focused and aware at night and cost less to operate and maintain. Yet some people have had a hard time adjusting to the newer, brighter LED street lights, similarly to how people had a hard time adjusting to LED headlights. New research out of Germany may be able to help keep LED lighting in streetlights while reducing glare and eyestrain.

New, Low Glare LED Lighting Research

LED lighting is great for streetlights, and have even proven to help reduce crime rates and keep streets safe. Yet, one of their best features, their bright, white light, also can be hard on the eyes, especially in contrast to the dark night sky. In larger cities, these lights can cause glares and shine into apartment building windows. The new research into low glare LED lighting would mean an energy efficient LED light that is also easy on the eyes.

The new research shows that by using interconnected wiring, the light can be powered using lower voltages, reducing glare. This type of interconnected wiring would also result in cooler lighting, which is great for LEDs, as heat is their number one enemy. This also means that the light would continue to shine, even if one individual diode did fail.

Keep an eye out for this new LED street lighting to hit the market by the end of 2017!

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