What LED Lighting Looks like in Developing Countries

LED Lighting is making big waves in the lighting market, but most research and applications are focused on first world countries. What does LED lighting look like in developing countries? Despite smaller markets, LEDs are being used to help bring electricity to rural, developing nations with the help of renewable energy. Today, we’ll take a look at how LEDs are changing the landscape of lighting in developing parts of the world, such as Africa and South Asia.

Current Lighting in Developing Countries

The vast majority of people who live without electricity in today’s world use kerosene to get by, along with wood and candles to produce light and cooking surfaces. Not only do these methods of generating light harm the environment, they are also an economic and productivity burden for some of the planet’s poorest people. It is believed that people around the world spend around $38 billion every year on kerosene alone. Apart from the high cost, using fire for light and energy is also dangerous for your home and health.

Introducing Renewable Energy and LEDs

About a decade ago, entrepreneurs began bringing LED technology and renewable energy such as solar to developing nations, helping them surpass some of the world’s most developed nations in terms of using renewable energy and LEDs together. Since its inception, solar-powered LED devices cost as low as $10, making them within reach for people in poor and developing nations. There are even LED lights that are powered by a 22-pound bag of sand that steadily turns a gear-trained connected to a D.C. motor from GravityLight.

Learn more about using LEDs and solar together in our blog post!

Sitler’s is a firm believer in using renewable and efficient energy. Read our blog post about the benefit of installing LEDs before solar panels to save even more money and become even more energy efficient. It’s one step that helps lower your carbon footprint.

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