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3 Ways to be Energy Efficient at College

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Congrats! You did it! High school is nearly over! If you’re getting ready to graduate high school or are getting ready to send your kids off to college this year, keep these energy efficient tips in mind.

1. Energy Star Mini-Fridge
The number one essential for any dorm room is the coveted mini-fridge. During the grueling warm months of the first semester, you need cold water at the tip of your fingers. Not only can you find a good quality mini-fridge for around $100, you can also find one that is ENERGY STAR labeled. When an appliance qualifies for an ENERGY STAR, they meet a certain energy efficiency requirement that helps you save money on electric bills each month. While you may not be paying electric bills when you live in the dorms, it will help your university or college save money!

2. Travel Green
Whether or not you have a car at college, consider traveling green. Take the bus or walk to class and organize a grocery carpool so your friends can grab all of the necessities at one time and only take one car. These may seem like small, insignificant steps to take, but if you convince more people to pitch in, it can make all the difference!

3. LED Lights
No matter if you’re slumming it in the dorms or you finally found a place to live off campus, LED lights are one of the easiest ways to be energy efficient. Replace the lights in your dorm room lamps with LEDs. Not only are they brighter, they last up to 50,000 hours! If you have moved off campus, consider changing a few of the rooms in your apartment where the lights are on most often to LEDs, such as the kitchen, living room and bathroom. Plus, when you move out, you can take them with you to your next place!

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