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5 Ways LEDs Better Your Poultry Barn

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

In the past couple of weeks, we touched on the importance of LED lights in swine barns. Yet Iowa has so much more to offer than simply swine. According to the Iowa Poultry Association, Iowa ranks number 1 in the nation for egg production! That makes for a lot of chickens. Iowa is also home to over 130 turkey farms, 97 percent of which are family owned. As you can see, poultry is a large part of Iowa’s makeup as well. ONCE Innovations understands this and has created specific LED poultry lights to ensure stable animal welfare and quality products. Let’s dive into 5 benefits LED poultry lights offer!

1. LEDs Save You More Money
No matter if you’re installing LED lights in your home or your barn, these lights are made to save you money. Due to their reduced wattage, lessened heat production and longer lifespan, LEDs will save you money on your energy bill and maintenance costs. LEDs can cut your barn’s wattage in half while increasing brightness. With a 50,000+ hour lifespan and waterproof design, these lights are manufactured to last 20+ years.

2. Increased Feed Conversion and Flock Uniformity
ONCE’s AgriShift MLB light is designed with dim to blue and dim to red capabilities. These features help improve weight, feed conversion and flock uniformity. When installed with a production dimmer, the dim to blue feature is used to calm the birds and reduce condemnation. The full spectrum with enhanced red light gets the animals up and moving, which promotes weight gain.

3. Quicker Development and Weight Gain
Something as simple as LED lighting has proven to increase healthy pullet development. The ONCE AgriShift MLM-Blue lights promote feed conversion and growth in poultry!

4. Creates an Animal-Friendly Welfare Environment
Animal welfare is measured by the amount of feed available for the birds as well as flock uniformity. The AgriShift FL Feeder Control Pan Lights are designed to attract birds to feeders by generating specific light wavelengths. With uniform and consistent access to feed throughout the barn, the lights also improve weight gain and bird uniformity.

5. Increased Maturity and Reproduction Regulation
Utilizing LED lights to simulate sunlight has proven to increase productivity in poultry. Dim to red fixtures in poultry barns have shown to reduce the time to peak production by stimulating ovulation. This red light also helps maintain circadian rhythms and promote sexual maturity. With ONCE AgriShift MLM-Red lights, poultry farmers are able to mature poultry more quickly and regulate reproduction.

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