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A Sitler’s Spotlight: Iowa Hog Farmers

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

The hog farming industry in Iowa employs over 40,000 people every year. Of these hog operations, 94 percent are family-owned farms. As a large part of Iowa culture, and a large client base for Sitler’s, we’re taking a look at some of our hog farming clients and why they decided to make the switch to LED swine lights!

Ball Farms

Ball Farms is located in Winfield, IA, a town of 1,150 people. It is in this small town where Jarrett Ball and his family raise hogs. After chatting with Jarrett about what really sold him on the LED swine lights he said, “The LEDs were almost as cheap to put in as regular lights after I received my rebate. They run cooler and are going to last longer than a regular light bulb.” Jarrett decided to install these LEDs in his new hog building, making it energy efficient from day one!
As for the rebate work, which can be tedious when you have a hog operation to manage, Jarrett mentioned how easy the process was with Sitler’s. “The process was really easy to get LED lights installed. Sitler’s took care of all the rebate work. I didn’t have to do anything besides tell them I wanted the lights.” With the energy savings Ball Farms will see over the years, LED lights are already proving to be a cheaper lighting option in the long run.
As for his experience working with Sitler’s LED Supplies? “Before, during and after installation Sitler’s was right there with me. Customer service was excellent.”

Greiner Farms

Greiner Farms is located in Keota, IA, a town of only 996 people. John Greiner and his family are well-established hog farmers in the area. After dealing with jelly jar fixtures that couldn’t stand up to the power washers used in hog barns, John decided to make a change. “What really convinced me to install the LED swine lights was that they’re waterproof and much brighter and more efficient than the 150 watt bulbs I had in my building before. I wanted a light that could withstand the elements of a hog barn.” And that’s just what John got. Our swine lights are manufactured by ONCE Innovations and are waterproof. With these new lights, John can clean his hog buildings without damaging any lights in the process.
Another convincing factor for John was how cost effective the lights would be after rebate. “After the rebates, the LED lights were cheaper for me to install than regular bulbs because they last longer and are more efficient.” It didn’t hurt that Sitler’s took care of the tiresome paperwork as well! “Sitler’s made the rebate process so easy. If farmer’s hate one thing it’s doing paperwork and Sitler’s took care of all the rebate paperwork for me.”

Upgrade to LED Swine Lights Today

Upgrade your jelly jar fixtures today with the help of Sitler’s LED Supplies. We’ve got the swine lights you want and need. Contact us today!
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