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Benefits of LED Lighting in Healthcare Settings

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LED lighting is beneficial no matter the application or environment. Yet, they do offer unique benefits for the healthcare field in comparison to traditional lighting. Today, we are going to talk about how LEDs are beneficial, not only for healthcare settings and environments but for patients wellbeing as well.

Benefits of LEDs in hospitals and doctor’s offices

LED lighting will save your hospital and/or doctor’s office money in a multitude of ways. As LEDs last nearly 5x longer than traditional fluorescent lighting, you won’t be shelling out money to replace bulbs every couple of years. Plus, LEDs do not ballasts to operate, eliminating ballast issues and burnouts. Additionally, you’ll save on maintenance cost and repairs, making your maintenance and janitorial staff more efficient.

LED lighting is great for the office and hospital environments due to their ability to help doctors and nurses stay on task. LEDs have proven to be a great way to keep employees productive, alert and focused: all important aspects of working in the healthcare industry. These improvements can help keep you on schedule with patients and more productive in your downtime, should you be able to find some!

Benefits of LEDs for patients

We’ve discussed in the past specific ways LED lighting, specifically human-centric lighting, in hospitals benefits patients. One of the overarching benefits of using LEDs in a healthcare environment is that they are much more natural looking than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. This natural lighting helps keep patients, especially overnight patients, circadian rhythms in check, which in turn can help reduce recovery time.

Good, proper lighting also affects our mood. LEDs have shown to increase happiness, creating more upbeat staff and patients. When we are happier, our immune systems function better, also helping with patient recovery times!

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