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Benefits of Utilizing LED Lighting Design

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Benefits of Utilizing LED Lighting Design

Benefits of Utilizing LED Lighting Design

The Basics of LED Lighting Design

Lighting is an essential aspect of every space. Not only is it necessary, but it can also be a creative process as well! More multi-use LED lights are hitting the market every day, and they come in a multitude of color temperatures, lumen counts, etc., It can be a daunting task to design the best solution for your space. Will the light be too bright, or too soft? Will there be dark corners? These questions lead to the rising popularity of lighting design for new construction or renovations projects.

Designing a space using LED lighting requires a bit more thought than when incandescent and fluorescent lighting was at its peak. Traditional lighting was measured using watts, and there was a direct correlation to the number of watts a bulb used to how bright the light was. The higher the wattage, the brighter the light. LED lighting output is measured in lumens, which provide more light with less wattage when compared to traditional bulbs.

Lumens and illuminance provide the basic foundation of LED lighting design. For example, the number of lumens it takes to light an office is much different as compared with a large warehouse. Where lumens describe the strength of light emitted from a bulb, illuminance accounts for how much light fills a specific measurement of space. Using these numbers, lighting designers can calculate how many lumens are needed for any given space, and choose a variety of light fixtures to reach that number.

When choosing the right lighting fixture, the fixture shape plays a large part of how it affects the light beam shape. A spotlight, for example, concentrates the lumens of a light in a very concentrated area.

Another key factor to take into account is the color temperature. When considering a color temperature for a space, a designer must know how the color temperature of the light will affect the color output of what it shines on. The lower the color temperature, the warmer the color looks, and the higher the number, the cooler the light looks. Determining how the space to be lit is used is also an important part of this equation.

Benefits of LED Lighting Design for New Construction and Renovations

LED lighting design provides many benefits, whether you are working in a retrofit of existing fixtures, new construction or demolishing a space to renovate. For new construction projects, seeking a lighting design for LEDs makes sure the builders know how many lights to include in their proposal, as well as the specific lighting needed to best light the space. This saves money in multiple ways: no unnecessary light fixtures will be installed, and you’ll save money from day one on energy bills!

When it comes to renovating, it can be easy to neglect lighting as an afterthought. Whether you are stripping down to the studs or wanting a simple and effective redesign, lighting should be considered as an integral part of the process. Considering adding additional light fixtures, such as sconces, or retrofit upgrades to fixtures with more lumen output for a cleaner look. All of this can be determined with a quick and effective LED light design proposal.

Find the right fit for your space by partnering with Sitler’s!

New LED lighting concepts are evolving constantly as advancements in technology continue to provide creative design solutions and reduce operating costs. Sitler’s LED Supplies provides you with high-quality lighting design and layout service to ensure your lighting solution is perfect for your space and budget.

Our lighting design service can start with a scaled drawing of your rooms or basic dimensions for the area. Our goal is to create a design that provides for evenly distributed light throughout the spaces. We also take into consideration such factors and natural sunlight, high usage areas. We work with you with a budget in mind along with understanding your preferred style. Activities that take place in your rooms and spaces are also taken into consideration along with any particular impressions you want within the lighted space.