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Can LEDs Help Advance Computer Technology?

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In this era of the computer, technology has become extremely advanced. Storage space grows each year, speaker and screen quality continue to rise, and so much more. Yet, the age-old problem of computers and laptops has yet to be solved and it could be hindering the advancement of computer technology. The problem? Heat management. Most computers today have built-in fans to help control and manage heat, but some people are still needing to purchase laptop fans at an additional cost to make sure their computer doesn’t overheat and crash. Could LEDs be an answer to helping with overheating, allowing for a new rise in computer and technology innovation?

Technology’s Overheating Crisis

As long as computers and technology have been around, so has the problem of overheating. Products over the years have continued to shrink in size and weight, as well as their processing systems and this is in part due to developing heat management systems. Now, the tech field is at a bit of an impasse, struggling to continue to streamline new tech products without facing issues of overheating. Plus more tech companies and manufacturer’s are looking for ways to make their products longer lasting while promoting eco-friendly products and data centers. The less heat our technology puts out, the less of a negative impact it has on our environment.

Can LEDs Take the Heat?

One angle scientists are looking at is reducing the heat output of microprocessors. The answer may be using a variant of an LED, with its electrodes reversed. This forces the component to act as if it were at an unusually low temperature, and when placing it next to warmer electronics, the LEDs force out the heat. This is what creates the cooling system. Internet of thing (IoT) devices and smartphones would be devices most likely to benefit from this new cooling system. As these devices continue to get smaller, they are expected to have the same, if not more, computing power. If this new form of LED cooling system pans out, it will help technology producers and manufacturers continue to enhance and improve technology while not compromising speed, data, and processing.

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