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Creating Ambient Lighting with LEDs

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There is a common misconception that all LED lighting is bright, blue/white light. While these lights are great for office spaces, warehouses, retail stores and more, they aren’t the end all be all of LED lighting. It is possible to create ambient, warm, dimmable lighting environments using LEDs, helping you set a mood and save money at the same time!

Ambient LED Lighting Techniques


An easy way to create ambient lighting with LEDs is installing dimmers. This way, you have a versatile light that can go from day to night. This options allows you the most control over your lighting environment and lets you customize the lighting for any occasion or event.

Indirect Lighting

Believe it or not, you can get creative with your spaces by utilizing lighting in unique ways. Using LEDs behind bathroom mirrors, under kitchen cabinets, in hallway and ceiling coves and more can add dimension, depth, and interest to your home or business’s best features. This lighting can be used in tandem with overhead lighting or on its own to create a softer, warmer mood. This option also gives you options in terms of how to light your space best according to need and functionality.

Accent Lighting

Last, but certainly not least, is accent LED lighting. Most homes are already equipped with accent lighting, from wall sconces to pendant lights to featured lighting fixtures. Adding LEDs in the warmer color temperature range to your existing accent lighting fixtures can help create a more relaxed space. These can be used with brighter, whiter overhead LED lighting for a nice mix of warm and white light, or on their own!

Create your very own ambient space with Sitler’s!

You can easily customize the mood and tone of your space with a few LED light bulbs! Find warm, dimmable LED lights for creating ambiance at Sitler’s! Give us a call today at (319)-519-0039 or send us an email to get started!

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