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Do LEDs Need Surge Protection?

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With summer thunderstorms, high winds, and tornado warnings, our homes and businesses are subject to power surges and outages. One way to protect your appliances and lighting from power surges is with surge protectors. However, not many people consider surge protection for the lights. Surge protectors are often used for your more expensive devices, and LEDs are no different. While LED prices are going down, they are still an investment for your home or business. Today, we are going to take a closer look at what causes power surges, the benefits of LED power surge protection, and more!

The Source of the Power Surge

A power surge and a power outage are not one in the same. Surges are often caused by lightning hitting a power grid. This can increase the load on the power line, in turn causing a voltage spike. These spikes can cause an electric item to short out if not surge protected. These spikes can lead to power surges or complete power outages, depending.

Why Use LED Surge Protection?

The basic idea of a surge protector is to limit or block any increased voltage in your home. This prevents your electronics and appliances from becoming fried beyond repair. Protectors can also be used to alert home/business owners of spikes or changes in voltage as well.

LEDs have a great lifespan, but they are more sensitive to power and voltage changes. If you have LEDs installed in older homes lacking surge protection, your lights are at a greater risk of being put out of commission.

One way to start off on the right foot is using high-quality LEDs that adhere to stricter regulation and testing. Installing the best quality of LED possible reduces the chance of frying them with increased power surges. Next, find a power surge protector that was made with LEDs in mind and protects all phases of electricity: line/neutral, line/ground and neutral/ground.

Start with the Best LEDs from Sitler’s!

You can find quality LEDs that will weather the power surges at Sitler’s! If you want to receive a free evaluation and quote, give us a call at (319)-519-0039 or send us a request online.

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