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Find the Perfect Paint Color with LEDs

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A house becomes a home when you bring in your furniture, hang pictures on the wall and slap on a fresh coat of paint. Yet there are times when we pick out paint chips at the store, bring them home and the color looks completely different when swatched on the wall. It is easy to forget how large a factor proper lighting plays in picking the right paint color. Paint colors look different under the bright fluorescents of home improvement stores compared to the warmer, yellow incandescent lights at home.

LEDs and Paint Color: Pick the Perfect Paint

The majority of traditional bulbs in today’s homes are incandescents or CFLs. These types of lighting typically run along a warmer color spectrum and give off yellow tones. These warm yellow tones can alter the way your paint looks, as well as your furniture. The UV rays from the lights can also discolor your paint and furniture fabric over time as well.

If you want your paint color to show it’s truest shade, install LED lighting before testing new paint colors on the wall. LEDs in the 4000 to 5000 Kelvin range show paint’s truest color, so you won’t bring home paint from the store to find it looks completely different on your walls. LED lighting also gives off no UV rays, meaning your paint and furniture won’t become faded over time!

You can also find LED lights in warmer and cooler temperatures. If you want your chosen paint color to look and feel warmer, pick an LED bulb between 2,700 and 3,000 kelvin range. If you want your paint to feel and look cooler, chose an LED light close to 4,000 kelvin. For your paint color to show under a light mimicking natural daylight, choose a bulb in the 5,000 to 6,000 kelvin range.

On top of preserving your paint’s original color with no UV ray omissions, you’ll save money every month on your energy bills, helping pay for the bulbs and renovations!

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