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How LEDs Can Help Aging Eyes

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As we age, our eyes start to let us down. For some, this means buying reading glasses and updating their prescription lenses. Yet, another, less traditional, solution to help ease the symptoms of aging eyes is good lighting!

Symptoms of Aging Eyes

A few symptoms of aging eyes include reduced ability to see small details and print, reduced contrast sensitivity or the ability to make out differences in light and dark colors, reduced color discrimination, sensitivity to glare and dramatic changes in lighting, and increased eye fatigue.

All of these symptoms are normal. They most commonly begin around age 45, and most people by the age of 60 require glasses. Also by 60 less light is able to reach the eye. Most 60+ year-olds need twice the light to see as someone in their thirties.

Lighting Solutions for Aging Eyes

There are a few simple and manageable solutions for helping aging eyes complete tasks with greater ease. It is suggested when watching TV in a dark room to turn on end table lamps to decrease the contrast between light and dark, causing less glare and strain on the eyes. Choosing lights for tasks such as reading, sewing or writing that are directional and adjustable is also helpful.

A great lighting choice for aging eyes is LEDs. LEDs are directional by nature, and doubly helpful when used in adjustable lamps. They are also some of the brightest and longest lasting on the market. A great product to use in tandem with LED lighting is a dimmer. This allows the user to adjust the brightness of the light for the individual tasks at hand. The best thing for aging eyes is flexible and adjustable lighting.

Find LED Lighting Solutions with Sitler’s

Find the best-LED lighting solutions for aging eyes at Sitler’s! We offer a variety of LEDs in a variety of color temperatures, and all can be installed with compatible dimmers. Contact us at (319)-519-0039 or put in a request online here to get started!

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