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Improving Campus Safety with LEDs

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If you’ve sat through a college orientation, you will remember the emphasis that is placed on campus security. Your campus might have emergency phone booths, street lighting installed all across campus, locked doors after hours, and more. College campuses should be a place of learning, not fearing for your safety when walking alone at night. A great way to increase campus security is with the help of exterior LED lighting.

LED Lighting and Security Cameras

A mainstay in security, campus or otherwise, is the security camera. However, if you have watched footage before, you can tell it is not the highest quality. This is often due to a lack of proper lighting. Traditional street and campus lighting is dim and orange in hue, with a low output radius. Using brighter, whiter LED lighting that is directional can be extremely helpful when it comes to providing better security footage. Plus, in addition to better security camera footage, better lit areas are less likely to be the scene of a crime.

Benefits of LED Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is just as important as indoor lighting, especially during these cold and dark winter months. They are on for the same, if not more, time and therefore eat into energy bills. For large campuses, this can be a huge electricity cost. LEDs not only run almost 70 percent more efficiently than traditional lighting, their long lifespan means you won’t waste money replacing burnt out bulbs. Plus, they work well in all weather conditions, even subzero temperatures!

Look to Sitler’ for LED Security Lighting

Whether you need motion sensor LEDs, streetlamps, or new lights to accompany security cameras, Sitler’s will have you covered! You can view our exterior lighting options on our products page here. If you would like a free quote for your LED project, send us an email or give us a call at (319)-519-0039 to get started!

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