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LED Benefits for Landlords and Renters!

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

LED lighting is now commonly used in a wide range of applications. One area that has been trending upward in LED usage is rental properties and multi-family complexes. In addition to energy savings, LED lighting is a sound investment for property owners and an attractive amenity for renters themselves! Here are a few of the benefits of replacing your lights with LEDs for both property owners and renters.

Benefits of Installing LEDs as a Rental Property Owner

As a property owner, whether it be a single-family home or a large multi-family complex, the burden of upkeep and costs typically falls on your shoulders. On top of maintaining each apartment or home, it is important to provide amenities to keep renters satisfied. One simple way to alleviate some of the property-owning burdens while attracting tenants is installing LEDs.This fix is a win-win for you and your tenants!

A single-family home rental property is a great opportunity to attract tenants looking for a larger space, but not the commitment of purchasing a home. However, maintaining this type of rental property can be more expensive and time-consuming. Installing LEDs inside and outside of the home provides many benefits, as they are more durable than traditional CFL or incandescent bulbs, and you will avoid the cost of replacing broken or dropped glass bulbs.

If you are the owner or manager of a multi-family complex, LEDs are a great choice for all of your lighting needs from inside each apartment to motion sensors, security lighting, parking lots, etc.

When combined with camera security systems in multi-family complexes, LED lighting provides a much more dynamic resolution and clarity when reviewing the video. Your renters will also appreciate the increased security provided by LED lighting solutions in parking areas and walkways. LEDs perform in all weather conditions. They are a great choice inside and outside of your property!

Long-Lasting with Little to No Maintenance
A huge benefit of LEDs is their 50,000+ hours lifespan! This long lifespan coupled with their durable nature allows property owners to spend less time and money changing light bulbs over the course of 10+ years. With utility rates rising every year, this means the money you save on electric bills for your common and outdoor areas will pay for the initial price of the bulbs!

Market Differentiation
Renters looking for properties that suit their needs are always comparing amenities offered by property owners. There has been a large trend upward in providing energy-efficient properties by updating windows, AC and heating systems, and Energy Star Appliances. An easy way to create an energy-efficient property is by installing LEDs. This is an easy way to set yourself apart from your competitors regardless of who is paying the utility bills. Many of today’s renters are energy conscious and this simple change provides an attractive amenity all can appreciate!

Increase Your Property’s Value
For every $1 invested in energy efficiency, you can expect to see a $3 increase in property value according to a report by the Energy Cost Savings Council. This increase in property value, coupled with the energy savings of the property as a whole, is beneficial when setting rent prices or selling the property down the road!

Benefits of Switching to LEDs as a Property Renter

When renting, it can be hard to make a space feel like home. However, just as there are ways to decorate and design a rented space to feel like yours, you can also create an energy-efficient and money-saving home too with LEDs!

Cost-Effective and Energy Efficient
Installing LEDs in a rental space may seem costly, but the money you save each month on utilities will end up paying for the price of the bulbs down the line! Not only will you help the environment with less power usage each month, but you will also save a bit of green as well!

Long Lifespan
It’s important to keep in mind that LEDs last longer than traditional bulbs. A CFL bulb might last 2 years, but will need to be replaced more often, whereas a comparable LED bulb can last over 10 years, maintenance-free!

Using Lighting for Design
While lighting may not be on the top of your design list when moving, it can play a large role in the feel of your home. Bright white light is important for kitchens and bathrooms, where warmer light is better suited for living and dining spaces, as well as bedrooms. With LEDs, you can choose from a variety of color temperatures to set the mood in each room of your home or apartment!

Durable and Moveable
You may be thinking, “Why should I invest in lighting when I don’t own the property?” As a renter, you may be able to save the original light bulbs placed by the property owner and then take your LED bulbs with you to your next home or apartment! LEDs are extremely durable, as they are not made of breakable glass, and their long lifespan allows them to be reused should you continue to move!

Sitler’s LED Supplies has the Right Products for Your Renters

Sitler’s LED Supplies has years of experience installing LEDs in large complexes such as apartments, condos, schools, warehouses, and office spaces. Whether you are a property owner looking to upgrade on a large scale, or a renter looking to update their living space on a smaller scale, Sitler’s is here to help. Contact one of our lighting consultants today for a free proposal and walkthrough or call us at 800-426-3938!