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LED Efficacy Keeps Improving!

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If you’ve heard about LEDs, you are bound to know they are revered for their low energy usage and bright, consistent lighting. Now, LEDs are only getting better! Not only are LEDs growing in the lighting market, so is their efficacy, making them even brighter and even more energy efficient. Let’s learn how!

What exactly is efficacy?

Efficacy is how one would scientifically measure a light’s luminous output. In terms of LED lighting, efficacy is the ratio of lumens (lm) emitted to the electrical power used to power the light source, or watts (W). To break that down a little further, efficacy deals with measuring how many lumens there are per watt. Measuring lumens per watt is important in the lighting industry, as it takes into account how much power is wasted generating heat and non-visible electromagnetic radiation instead of visible light. The more lumens per watt, the more light is being emitted!

How does LED efficacy compare to others?

While LEDs stand apart from traditional lighting for many reasons, such as longer lifespans, brighter light and durability, their efficacy is the feature that truly sets them apart from the rest.

Granted, traditional lighting doesn’t put up much of a fight, as they convert about 95 percent of their energy into heat. Also, even though incandescent lights have been on the market for over 100 years, their efficacy has only improved from 1.5 lm/w to 1.6 lm/w. Yet, while LEDs perform better and last longer than traditional bulbs, they still need to find a way to prove themselves in this mainstream market. This is where their efficacy comes into play.

When high power white LEDs were first put on the commercial market in 1996, their efficacy was around 5 lm/w, still more than incandescent lighting today. Today, many LED lights’ efficacy is ranging from 90 to 100 lm/w. These lights aren’t outliers either, they can now be commonly found and installed in your home or business! LED research and development hasn’t stopped there. LED lights with greater than 100 lm/w are being created and tested in labs today, continually improving on the efficacy of LED lighting!

Find high efficacy LED lights at Sitler’s!

Just as improvements in LED efficacy don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon, neither is Sitler’s! We are passionate about providing energy efficient LED lighting to everyone. Get started today by calling us at (319)-519-0039 or sending us an email!

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