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LED Industrial Lighting: Cutting Costs Now and Later

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By now, we know the basic benefits of installing LED lighting, whether it be in your home, business, office space, classroom, hospital, etc. LEDs, while only slightly more expensive than traditional bulbs, help you save money month to month, year to year. Did you know that when using LEDs in an industrial building, your reduction of pollution can actually save you money? Keep reading to learn more about how LEDs save industrial facilities money now, and down the road!

Savings Now: Greater Energy Efficiency

Traditional industrial light fixtures, typically HIDs, require large loads of power to just turn on, let alone stay on. As LEDs have progressed, LED industrial alternatives are now up to 90 percent more efficient when compared to HID lights. Considering industrial facilities have lights running the majority of the day, if not the entire day, making the switch to LEDs will provide you with immediate energy savings, as well as more savings over time. In the end, the lights will pay for the cost of installment and then some!

Savings Later: Lowers Maintenance Costs

According to Manufacturing.Net, HPS bulbs can fail as often as every 24,000 hours. When these lights are used consistently, day in and day out, that’s not a lot of time in between installing the bulbs and replacing them. Replacing light fixtures in an industrial facility is anything but low maintenance. It often requires multiple employees, mechanical lifts, extra lighting for when the bulb is removed and replaced, and more. This all adds to the facility’s energy costs. Once you’ve installed LED lighting, you will notice just how much time maintenance of traditional bulbs was eating into your productivity! LED bulbs can last upwards of 100,000 hours, which averages replacing bulbs around every 10 years instead of every few.

Savings Now: Double the Light at a Fraction of the Cost

On average, LEDs have a 60 percent increase in light output when compared to HID systems. They are also directional, which leads to less light waste and more light where you need it most. Because of the increased lumens at a fraction of the wattage, you save money right away on your energy bills after installation. You may even find you need less bulbs in general when installing LEDs, as they cover more ground!

Savings Later: Reducing Pollution Reduces Cost

There are numerous benefits to installing LED lighting in industrial facilities. One not mentioned often is how reducing pollution via energy usage can save you money in the long run as well. Larger industrial companies are often made to buy carbon credits to offset their emissions. This has led to a movement of industrial facilities installing energy efficient systems, lowering their costs, carbon footprint, and eliminating the need to buy carbon credits. This is an important factor to keep in mind when considering the benefits of LEDs!

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