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LEDs in Hospitals: How the Market is Growing

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LED lighting is proven to benefit not only your energy bill, but also your personal well-being. From improving student learning in classrooms to helping patients heal quicker in hospitals, LEDs are a simple solution for a number of issues. We have written about the multiple ways LED lighting can help patients in hospitals or other facilities, such as nursing homes, in the past. Now the global light market in hospitality is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.13 percent from 2016-2020!

There are four lighting technologies mainly used by hospitals and outpatient facilities, including CFL, LFL, HID and LEDs. LEDs are the latest lighting trend hospitals have adopted. Due to their long lifespan, negative UV ray emissions, lack of mercury, bright light, low voltage and much more, LEDs are becoming the go-to option for hospitals, and for good reason. Medical facilities are even able to use LEDs to create a human centric lighting experience for their patients, which has proven to help with healing.

There are also many incentive programs that help encourage large facilities such as hospitals to install LED lighting, helping to boost the growth in the hospitality light sector over the next three years. Now, not only will LED lights in hospitals help with patient care and provide better lighting for evaluation and procedures, but it will reduce their carbon footprint!

There are many benefits to having LEDs in hospitals and the trend will only continue to grow in the next few years, possibly even beyond. They are proven to improve the patient’s experience, the workers attention and focus, and save the hospital money on energy bills, all while reducing the facility’s carbon footprint.

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