Midamericans 2016 led rebates

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MidAmerican’s 2016 LED Rebates

Added by Marissa. Posted on January 19, 2016

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New Year, new LED rebates! MidAmerican has released their 2016 LED rebates for commercial and agricultural lighting. While MidAmerican does a great job of highlighting the multitude of LED lights available, it’s a bit complicated to sift through. We’re here to break it down and simplify it for you!


First, let’s talk about how you apply for a rebate with MidAmerican. When you purchase and install LED lights in your business with Sitler’s LED Supplies, we take care of the rebate work for you. All we need from you is a current utility bill. Once your rebate is approved, MidAmerican will send a check made out to the name and address on your utility bill! It’s that simple.


Now let’s dive into the MidAmerican rebate offers of the new year. See how much your business can save when you install LED lights! With all of MidAmerican’s LED rebates, you will receive the lesser of 70 percent of the installed cost or the actual rebate amounts shown below.

LED Linear Lamps

Our LED linear lamps are the most popular lighting options for business owners. We are also able to convert 8 ft. linear lamps to two 4 ft. LED lamps and offer the same rebates mentioned below.


 WattageReplacesLumensRated HoursWarranty
Option 1100w250w HID12,50050,00010 years
Option 2150w400w HID18,75050,000 10 years
Option 3200w750w HID25,00050,000 10 years
Option 4240w1000w HID30,00050,000 10 years

LED Interior Lamps

If your business uses traditional incandescent light bulbs, there are rebates available for those as well! When utilizing this rebate, the LED replacement bulbs work for all socket types and must replace existing incandescent or halogen lamps.


 WattageReplacesLumensRated HoursWarranty
Option 1100w250w HID12,80050,0005 years
Option 2120w400w HID14,40050,000 5 years
Option 3150w400-500w HID19,50050,000 5 years
Option 420w600w HID25,00050,000 5 years

LED Interior and Exterior Fixtures

If you work in a warehouse, you’ll want to pay attention to this rebate! Interior lights eligible for this rebate include wall-wash, track or mono-point directional, high-bay, low-bay, high-bay aisle surface mounted and troffer luminaires. Exterior lights eligible include outdoor pole/arm-mounted, bollards, parking garage, fuel pump canopy, landscape/accent, wall pack, architectural flood and spot luminaires. The LED fixtures must replace high intensity discharge (HID) lamps and new construction is also eligible for rebate.

LED Interior and Exterior Fixtures

Get creative with LEDs by replacing the bulbs in your freezers and coolers. If you run a restaurant, LED lights not only brighten your fridge space, but also help keep bacteria at bay!


 WattageReplacesLumensRated HoursWarranty
Option 1120w250w HID14,40050,0005 years
Option 2150w250-400w HID18,00050,0005 years

Freezer and Cooler Lights

Get creative with LEDs by replacing the bulbs in your freezers and coolers. If you run a restaurant, LED lights not only brighten your fridge space, but also help keep bacteria at bay!
 WattageReplacesRated HoursWarranty
Low Profile Canopy Fixture30w75-100w HID50,0006 years
Low Profile Canopy Fixture with Motion Sensor30w75-100w HID50,0006 years
Canopy Fixture40w100-150w HID50,0006 years
Canopy Fixture55w150-175w HID50,0006 years


While MidAmerican is one of the larger utility companies in Iowa, many more companies offer rebates for businesses who install LED lights. Give us a call today at (319)-519-0039 today or shoot us an email to learn more about the MidAmerican 2016 LED rebates and rebates offered in your area! With Sitler’s LED Supplies, we make the rebate process easy. All we need from you is a signature!
While the rebates mentioned above are for commercial and agricultural lights, Sitler’s also covers MidAmerican’s residential Be Bright rebates. To learn more about the benefits of installing LEDs in your home, give us a call at the number above.
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