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Neon versus LED Lighting

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Neon lighting and lamps made their public debut in 1910 in the city of lights, Paris, France. Over 100 years later, they are still commonly found in window displays and stores around the world. Unique and colorful lighting is a way to draw attention to your business while standing out from your competitors. However, after a century, it’s time to ask the question: is there a better, brighter lighting solution?

With advancements made in LED lighting, now there is a way to light up your space, attract customers, and save money!

LED vs Neon Lighting Benefits

1. Price point
Now that LEDs are becoming commonplace, they can compete with traditional lighting prices. On average, buying an LED sign versus a neon sign runs about 10 percent cheaper!

2. Visibility
Neon signs are warmer and evoke a sense of nostalgia. However, they are dimmer than LED signage, which is what attracts new customers and patrons. LEDs can attract people like moths to a flame!

3. Maintenance
LEDs require little to no maintenance! Neon signs need their gases refilled from time to time, which can be an expensive maintenance price tag. LEDs can last upwards of 10 years without eating into your profits with upkeep costs.

4. Energy savings
LED signs use, on average, five to 10 times less power than neon signs while shining brighter!

5. Durability and Safety
Neon signs are still made using glass tubes and gases. These are easy to break and the noxious gases leak out, which is dangerous to your health. LEDs are durable and contain no toxic gases or materials. They are also easy to recycle and leave less of a carbon footprint!

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