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Sitler’s Products: Canopy LED Lights

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This week, Sitler’s is highlighting our durable LED canopy lighting. LED canopy lights are energy efficient and a durable replacement for HID fixtures. These lights are perfect for gas station canopies, parking garages, and illuminating outdoor entrances and exits.

A few benefits of LED canopy lighting from Sitler’s includes increased safety in parking garages and business lots, compatibility with motion sensors, brighter environment for outdoor security cameras, rebate eligible, and all come with a 5-year warranty!

Green Inova Company LED Canopy Lights

Green Inova (GI) is an LED lighting manufacturer who got their start in 2002. Their team of 15 innovative engineers and designers have, on average, 8 years of experience each in the field. GI currently holds 15 Utility patents and 25 Appearance patents in China, 4 international PCT patents, and 3 patents in the United States.

Sitler’s works with GI to provide you, our client, with four different types of LED canopy lights. View the charts below to for product specs!

WattageReplacesRated HoursWarranty
Low Profile Canopy Fixture30w75-100w HID50,0006 years
Low Profile Canopy Fixture with Motion Sensor30w75-100w HID50,0006 years
Canopy Fixture40w100-150w HID50,0006 years
Canopy Fixture55w150-175w HID50,0006 years

Ledsion LED Canopy Lights

Ledsion is a veteran partner of Sitler’s, also offer LED canopy lighting. 99 percent of their customers state positive feedback based on Ledsion’s products and services.

WattageReplacesRated HoursWarranty
Canopy Fixture130w350-400w HID50,0005 years
Canopy Fixture150w400w HID50,0005 years

Mester LED Canopy Lights

Mester LED Limited not only works in manufacturing, but also research and development and marketing of LED products. They abide by UL, DLC and Energy Star standards in all of their factories.

WattageReplacesRated HoursWarranty
Canopy Fixture70w250w HID50,0005 years
Canopy Fixture45w200-250w HID50,0005 years

Find LED Canopy Lighting at Sitler’s!

View our LED canopy lights on our site here or in our catalog here! Give us a call at (319)-519-0039 or set up a walk through by sending us an email!

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