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Sitler’s Spotlight: Deery Automotive

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

At the beginning of 2019, Sitler’s had the chance to work with Deery Automotive to update their site’s lighting from the inside out. A large project to tackle, Sitler’s, with installation help from Stickfort Electric, helped transform their indoor showroom, as well as their lot lighting to make their cars shine even brighter while keeping their costs even lower.

Sitler’s Proposal

Installing LED lighting for a car dealership is a no-brainer. As a business with lights on in their lot and showroom nearly 24/7, electricity costs can be steep. Sitler’s top priorities for this project were:

  • Enhance vehicle displays in the showroom area
  • Improve work environment for shop area personnel
  • Reduce the costly maintenance of fluorescent lighting
  • Energy efficiency utility savings
  • Take advantage of LED product warranties

In order to achieve these goals, Sitler’s laid out a plan to retrofit the Deery showroom, lots, offices, hallways, and service garages with LED lighting, helping reduce wattage use by 70 percent. On top of the LED retrofits, they installed motion sensors, helping to save the dealership even more money. Lastly, Sitler’s projected 40+ percent of the project costs would be covered by utility rebates, with a simple payback plan for the project of little over a year.

Deery Lighting

To complete this project and bring the best possible results to Deery, below are listed the products used in each unique space for the dealership.


Service Area
Deco 2×4 high bays
Round high bays
4 ft vapor tight and strip light retrofits
4 ft LED 18w linear tubes

Downlight can retrofits

Downlight can retrofits
Compact LED can light bulbs
Deco 2×4 LED panels

Car Lot
Large low profile shoebox
Full cutoff wall packs
MC 300W shoebox

Project Outcome and Testimonial

Thanks to Sitler’s experience and speedy staff, the installation project for Deery was finished on time, within budget, and they received the proposed rebate.

“At first we were reluctant to spend the money to upgrade the lighting. Once the project was completed, we immediately realized the benefits! The difference in the appearance of our store, now vs. then, is like night and day. It truly makes a great difference”.

DJ Deery – General Manager

Thank you to Deery for letting us be a part of your LED transformation!

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