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Sitler’s Spotlight: Homewood Electric Inc.

Sitler’s LED Supplies makes a point to partner with local Iowa electricians to guarantee a smooth installation and transition from traditional bulbs to LED lighting. In our newest and latest blog series, we are taking the time to show these electricians our appreciation for all that they contribute to our company and our customers’ overall satisfaction! This week we are shining a spotlight on Homewood Electric Inc.

The History of Homewood Electric Inc.

Homewood Electric Inc. has been in business for three generations. The current owner, Michael Homewood, purchased the company from his father in 1982 and has dedicated his career and company to the latest trends and requirements in electrical building code, energy efficiency, communications technology, and lighting and electrical wiring.

Employing certified electricians and masters of the electrical trade, Homewood Electric has a vast knowledge of generators, electrical panels, surge protection, circuit breakers, GFCI circuits, outlets, light fixtures and much more! They serve residential and commercial clients in Iowa City and the surrounding areas.

Homewood Electric also pulls together professional lighting designs and installations, ranging from fluorescent to under-cabinet to LED lighting. They even create landscape and Christmas lights!

How Homewood Electric Adopted LED Lighting

Michael and his team at Homewood Electric began using LEDs prior to 2015. Currently, a majority of their LED projects are replacing T8, 4 ft. fluorescent tubes with LED linear tubes. The switch became necessary when customers were constantly struggling with their fluorescent lighting and the maintenance involved. Mike stated, “In the past, our customers would schedule service calls to have the ballast replaced, then a few months later they’d call back to change the bulbs out, then a few months from there we’d need to replace the ballast again. The minimization of maintenance has been a huge selling point.”

Mike believes when it comes to LED lighting, less is more. While LEDs are currently more expensive than traditional lighting, they require less wattage and produce brighter light, eliminate ballast issue by bypassing the ballast altogether, and reduce the number of burned out bulbs due to their long lifespan.

Homewood Electric’s Partnership with Sitler’s

Homewood Electric Inc. has been a great help to Sitler’s with larger installations, such as warehouses and school buildings. When asked how he would rate his relationship with Sitler’s, Mike stated, “Very good! Employees are enjoyable to work with and seem like they are happy with what they do which really helps the working relationship a lot.”

Another asset Mike states about working with Sitler’s is the help with the rebate process. “[Sitler’s is] very helpful. We can get confused, but they does a good job of communicating and remaining persistent with us.”

Where You Can Find Homewood Electric Inc.

The Homewood Electric Inc. office can be found in Iowa City, IA. You can also visit their website here and find them on Facebook! If you would like to see how they have helped us in the past, visit our Past Projects page!

If you would like to learn more about LEDs and how to get started, give us a call at (319) 653-2123 or send us an email!

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