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2018 LED Lighting Resolutions

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

Happy 2018! With the new year comes new resolutions. Resolutions are a great way to restart your year with energy and determination to make and meet goals. Your list probably includes goals such as drinking more water, becoming more active or saving up for a vacation. Yet, there is room on your list for one more resolution: LED lighting! Today, we’re going to talk about 6 LED lighting resolutions, both small and large, and why they should be on your new year’s resolutions list!

1. Learn More About LEDs

A small, but great way to kick off your LED lighting resolutions is to simply learn a bit more about them! If you are new to LEDs, Sitler’s offers a variety of ways to learn more. You can learn by reading our weekly blog posts or checking out our Frequently Asked Questions page. By doing a little bit of research, you can find out more about what types of LED lighting might be best for your home or business.

2. Receive a Free LED Lighting Quote

Another small and easy step to take towards LED lighting is receiving a free lighting quote from Sitler’s LED Supplies. Our lighting consultants take the time to walk through your home, office or facilities, count lights, and create a personalized proposal, all free of charge! All you have to do is fill out a quick form to get started. There is no obligation and no fee!

3. Learn about LED Rebates in Your Area

If you are interested in LED lighting, but unsure about the cost, another great resolution is researching LED rebates in your area. Depending on your utility company, you will receive a rebate for your LED installation. Plus, when working with Sitler’s, we handle all of the rebate paperwork for you. You just have to wait to receive a check in the mail!

4. Install LED Lighting

If you’ve already checked the above resolutions off your list, the next big step is installing LEDs! Sitler’s works with a variety of manufacturers to bring you quality LED lighting for your every need. From home to office to agriculture to schools, Sitler’s has a product for you!

5. Try an LED Light Dimmer

If you already made the switch to LEDs or are considering it, go one step further and look into LED lighting with dimmers. It is important when installing LEDs that you use LED compatible dimmers and not existing dimmers for incandescent lighting. With dimmers in place, you control your lighting environment as you please!

6. Upgrade to Motion Sensor LED Security Lights

LEDs are commonly used to replace indoor lighting but don’t forget about the benefits of LED outdoor lighting. Once you’ve overhauled your home or business, upgrade your outdoor lighting to motion sensor LEDs! These save you money in two ways: less wattage and power needed for the lights, and motion sensors mean lights turn on only when needed!

Check your LED Lighting Resolutions with Sitler’s!

You can meet all of your LED lighting goals for 2018 with Sitler’s LED Supplies. Call us today at (319)-519-0039 or send us an email to get started. You can also stop into any of our three locations across the state to speak with a sales consultant!

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