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2019 LED Lighting Trends

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LEDs have continued to improve upon themselves year over year. From varieties of colors to color ranges to dimmers and smart controls, LEDs are leading the way in lighting innovations. 2019 is set to see even more innovations, whether it be improvements to current technology, or paving the way for new ideas.

Millions of LED Colors

More and more manufacturers are creating LEDs offering up to millions of colors, some even up to 16 million colors! Plus, now you may be able to change the color and warmth of your lighting without changing bulbs. There are now tunable white LED lights that allow you to create a cooler white light or warmer light depending on your need and mood!

Focus on Human-Centric Lighting

Human-centric lighting has become increasingly popular amongst office spaces and the trend will only continue upward in 2019. Employers and employees alike have noticed the benefits of LED HCL systems, including increased focus, productivity, reduced eye strain, and overall well-being.

Better, Smarter Controls

Like all technology, Smart LEDs are set to continue making innovations in the coming year. Currently, smart LEDs can be hooked up to devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Now, there are innovations in the form of LED lights turning on when doorbells are rung, so you can see your guest more clearly. There is also talk of smart wall plugs that allow you to control everything from your lamps to your Christmas tree lights without using switches and timers.

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