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3 LED Myths Busted!

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While LEDs have been on the market since the 1980s, they have only recently peaked in popularity. You can find them in streetlights, homes, businesses, hospitals and many more places. Yet LED myths still lurk about, and we’re here to bust them!

1. LEDs Don’t Save Energy
The main benefits of switching to LEDs are their money-saving and energy efficient qualities. Low wattage LED lights can replace higher wattage incandescent and fluorescent lights. LEDs’ lower wattage means they take less energy to power, and typically consume half of the energy that their counterparts use. The future of LEDs is bright, as they are continuing to improve while prices continue to drop.

2. LEDs are Just Light Bulbs
Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lights, LEDs aren’t bulbs at all, but chips. They are, in a sense, small programmable computers. You can find LED lights that can change color and brightness through an app on your phone, something traditional lighting cannot accomplish. The ability to customize your lighting with LEDs is still new, but could become more commonplace in the future.

3. LEDs are too Expensive
While LEDs still run higher in price compared to incandescent bulbs, the difference in price has reduced greatly. As demand for newer and better lighting options arise, the price of LED lights continues to drop. LEDs may cost more upfront to buyers today, but this does not take into account the money home and business owners save each month on their electric bill by switching to LEDs. If you factor in the energy cost savings as well as the bulb’s 20+ year lifespan, LEDs will eventually pay for themselves!

Learn the LED Facts from Sitler’s!
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