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3 Uses for LEDs in Winter Weather

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There is no denying winter weather is upon us. Cold weather, ice covered windshields, and dark mornings and early evenings can be hard to adjust to. LED lighting is a great option year round, but they are the only light on the market that performs just as well, if not better, in cold conditions! This makes them a great option for outdoor winter lighting, such as security wall packs, store signage and parking and street lighting. Keep reading to discover why!

1. Security and Outdoor Lighting

During the winter, the majority of our days are spent in the dark. With the sun rising after 7 a.m. and setting at 5 p.m., we rely on lighting in our homes, parking lots, office spaces and more to keep us alert and focused. This makes LED security and outdoor lighting a great choice during the winter. Whether you install a motion sensor wall pack on your garage or place LED bulbs in your sconce, front door lighting, LEDs will withstand winter weather. Because LEDs do not require excessive heat to run properly, they perform extremely well in extreme weather conditions!

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2. Outdoor Signage

We’ve all witnessed the dreaded burnt out store sign. Either it is out completely, or letters are blinking and struggling to power on. These traditional light failures happen for a few reasons; either a dead bulb, or a lack of heat that traditional lighting needs to power and stay on. When using LED bulbs in your outdoor signage, your lights will turn on instantly and stay on. In fact, using LED lights during cold weather months can actually increase their overall lifespan!

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3. Parking Lot and Street Lighting

Winter months are always accompanied by shorter days, making commuters heavily dependent of streetlights and parking lot lights to keep us safe and alert on the road. Yet, traditional streetlights are dim, often orange in color, and many times burnt out. Studies have shown that replacing these lights with LEDs keeps drivers more alert and parking lots safer. You can read our blog about it here!

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