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4 Advantages of LED Street Lighting

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You’re driving home, past the dull, orange streetlights, after working late again. The lights are flickering on the edge of a dark highway as you’re making your way home for the holiday festivities. Your eyes start to droop, you’re getting tired and blaring your music isn’t seeming to help. You’re walking downtown to meet a friend for a drink, but keep looking around because you can’t make out the person behind you. We’ve all experienced one of these moments before, and what do they all have in common? Poor street lighting.

LED street lighting has found a way to simultaneously keep drivers alert, pedestrians safe and cities energy costs low. Take a look below to learn more about 4 of the main advantages of installing LED street lighting!

1. No Warm Up Necessary

Street lighting is important for safety. Yet, once the temperature drops, incandescent or fluorescent lighting can take too long to warm up before even turning on. LED lighting thrives in cold weather, as heat is the enemy of LED bulbs. By installing LED street lights, there is no more waiting around for the bulbs to warm up. They are instant on, every time.

2. Saves Your City Money

Street lighting is expensive. With talks of using more green energy and reducing carbon footprints, many cities have turned to LED lighting as a way to both save money and help the environment. While LED lighting is still more expensive upfront when compared to traditional street lighting, over time, the energy the city saves will pay for the lights! Plus, as LED lighting becomes more popular year over year, the prices are dropping to fit the demand! According the LED Luxor, over the past two years alone, costs of LED streetlight systems have decreased by as much as 50 percent.

3. Long Lifespan

Burned out street lights are a nuisance when driving or walking at night. Bright lighting helps us stay awake and stay aware of our surroundings. Due to LED street lighting’s long lifespan, your city won’t have to worry about changing out bad bulbs. The cost of LED street lights might be more expensive, but they reduce energy usage and the need for additional maintenance.

4. Lower Crime Rates

Recent studies in Los Angeles have shown that due to the installation of bright, white LED street lighting in the city, crime rates have lowered. With less dark, un-illuminated pockets, people feel, and are, safer walking home late at night in comparison to when walking under traditional street lighting.

Build a Better City with LED Street Lighting from Sitler’s!

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