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5 Ways to Create an Energy Efficient School

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The energy costs that go into operating a school building can add up fast. Heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, energy bills for 8-10 hours of lighting a day, school kitchen appliances, and the list goes on and on. Yet, there are ways to create a more energy efficient school, whether through the use of energy saving technology or by enlisting the help of staff and students. Here are a few ways you can help conserve energy in your school district!

1. Get the students involved

Whether you’re classroom has student chores or you are teaching about the coal and energy industry, let students play an active role in making your school energy efficient. Assign someone the task of light monitor, making sure the classroom lights are off when leaving for recess or lunch.

2. Make use of natural light

If you’re school has large windows or sky lights, make use of that beautiful, natural light! Or, on warmer days, shut down the classroom and take the kids outside for reading time or a study game. This way your school can save money on energy costs while enjoying the sunshine!

3. Replace fluorescent tubes and incandescent lights

The first big move your school can make towards energy efficiency is replacing all of your traditional lighting with LEDs! LEDs need far less energy to power, last up to 50,000 hours, don’t require a ballast and have even been proven to help increase learning! You’ll reduce your energy costs and your maintenance costs by installing LEDs in your school district’s buildings.

4. Install motion sensors

Another way to make your LED lighting even more efficient is to install them in tandem with motion sensors. This helps you reduce energy usage when rooms are unoccupied, and it takes out the step of having to remember to turn off the lights!

5. Install solar panels

Another great step your district can take to become energy efficient is to install solar panels! Many schools have started solar projects and are seeing great results. The big note to take away from this post is, if your district is planning on installing solar panels, be sure to install LED lighting first! The number of solar panels needed for your building is determined on your energy usage. By installing LEDs, you will dramatically reduce your school’s energy usage, and therefore reduce the number of solar panels needed. This saves you money on energy bills and on the cost of solar panels!

Let Sitler’s Help You Create an Energy Efficient School!

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