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Bring LED Christmas Lights Home for the Holidays!

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

The use of evergreen trees to decorate homes during the winter months began long before Christianity adopted it as a Christmas tradition. Many pagan religions honored these trees, as they stood to remind them that sunshine and warmth would come again in the Spring and Summer months. The Christian tradition of decorating everglade trees only began in the 1500s in Germany.

It is believed that Martin Luther, a 16th century reformer, was one of the first people to incorporate candles onto his Christmas tree. It is said that while walking home from sermon one night, Luther was struck by the beauty of the stars shining between everglade trees in the distance. This sight inspired him to wire candles to his tree to recreate the image for his family. And thus a Christmas tradition was born.

As you can imagine, wiring lighted candles to an already flammable tree is a risky move. Apparently the beauty was worth the risk for hundreds of years until the 1900s, when electric incandescent Christmas lights were created. Today these Christmas lights are used to decorate our trees, wreaths, rooftops and so much more during the holiday season. While we’d take electric incandescent lights over candles on a tree any day, we also know the struggle of finding burnt out bulbs and bad strings of lights every year when getting ready to decorate, sending us to the store in search of the right replacement. Yet, when you replace your old incandescent lights with LED Christmas lights, there are so many added benefits, including less burnt out bulbs!

3 Reasons to Use LED Christmas Lights this Season

1. Energy Efficiency

LED Christmas lights use 90 percent less energy than their incandescent counterparts. This means you don’t have to feel guilty about keeping your lights on at night! Let your Christmas spirit shine!

2. LEDs Love Cold Weather

Since LED lights do not require an excess amount of heat to turn on and stay on, they perform exceptionally well in cold weather. This means not only will your string lights be cool to the touch, but they will turn on reliably when used outdoors!

3. Longer Lifespan

There is nothing more frustrating than having one section of your string lights burn out. This means going out, buying another set of lights, replacing the bad string and hoping they all stay on until Christmas day. With LED Christmas lights, your lights will last longer and burn brighter. While the upfront cost for LED Christmas lights may be more than incandescent lights, they last around 75,000 hours. With 8,760 hours in an entire year, your lights will last 8 years straight. Your Christmas lights will last through many years of holiday cheer!

Let Your Christmas Spirit Shine with LED Lights

While LED lights are new on the Christmas lighting market, they are making a huge impact. Some of the United States’ most famous Christmas trees are lit exclusively by LED lights, from the Capitol tree in Washington D.C. to the Rockefeller Christmas tree in New York. This LED bandwagon is one you are welcome to jump on this holiday season!

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