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Under Water Agriculture: LED Aquaculture Lighting

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Today we are exploring a new form of agriculture. In the past we talked about the importance of lighting for swine and poultry. Now we are diving, quite literally, into aquaculture! Aquaculture is the rearing of aquatic animals or the cultivation of aquatic plants for food. You may be wondering, how is light vital to animals that live underwater? According to Hatchery International, light patterns are the most constant of environmental parameters throughout an animal’s life. Even for animals who live in deep, dark waters, light is essential to proper growth and development.

Lighting in Aquaculture Facilities

Light is essential to all living beings. Proper lighting in aquaculture facilities is important, as it drives key biological processes, which influence performance and profitability. According to ONCE Innovations, the intensity, spectrum and photoperiod of light all have a significant influence on fish throughout all stages of life. The larvae stage of any fish species is extremely sensitive and fragile to environmental conditions. Light receptivity is larval fish is subject to change during development, and this affects their feeding behavior, intake and overall survival. How light affects marine life has been studied. Many marine fish are born predators, and rely on visual photoreception to locate prey. Poor lighting can be detrimental to eye development and, in turn, a fish’s survival.

Issues with Current Aquaculture Lighting

Many aquaculture facilities utilize incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Just as there are issues with these lights in swine and poultry barns, so there are issues in aquaculture environments. Incandescent and fluorescent bulb’s light spectrum and intensity cannot be changed, and therefore do not offer the best lighting solution for aquaculture facilities. Apart from their inability to dim, brighten and change, these bulbs yellow over time and have short lifespans.

The Benefits of LED Aquaculture Lights

LED lights for aquaculture are now affordable, thanks to their cost being offset by their energy savings. LED aquaculture lights offer adjustments of light intensity, spectrum and photoperiod, all in one light source – the LED bulb! Not only can you adjust these lights in your aqua-environments based on larvae development and species, but they run cooler, shine brighter and have a lengthy lifespan!

Sitler’s and ONCE Innovations LED Aquaculture Lighting

Sitler’s LED Supplies works exclusively with ONCE Innovations to bring you the best, most up-to-date version of agriculture and aquaculture lighting. If you’d like to learn more, send us an email today!

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