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Benefits of LED Lighting in Grocery Stores

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LEDs can be found and installed almost anywhere, bringing with them great overall benefits. LEDs are especially beneficial in grocery stores. They help show foods true colors, keep produce fresh longer and more. Let’s dig into the world of LED lighting in grocery stores together.

All the Colors of the Food

LEDs are the best lighting option, allowing colors to shine true. Just as LED lighting in retail stores keeps the clothes from fading while bringing out their truest colors, LED lighting in grocery stores makes food appear more appetizing. Under dim fluorescent lighting, meat and produce look darker and less appealing when compared to food under LEDs. While this may seem like a superficial and unnecessary reason for installing LED lighting, the better the food looks, the more of it you sell! Yet, LEDs play a larger role than simply making meat and produce look fresh. They help them stay fresh too!

Bye Bye Bacteria

LED lights have proven to help kill bacteria, whether they are installed in refrigerators or over the produce aisle at the grocery store. According to an NUS study done in July 2015, LED lights on the blue spectrum work best to kill off pathogens in colder temperatures and acidic conditions. But how does LED lighting kill off bacteria? Bacteria cells have light sensitive compounds that absorb light. Exposing bacteria cells to blue LED lighting can generate a response in the cells that will eventually cause the cells to die, helping keep produce and meat fresher longer.

Cold Food Storage

The frozen aisle holds our most treasured treats: frozen pizza, ice cream, popsicles and ready made dinners. The glowing lights of the cases spotlight these favorite foods, but you may notice some flickering or off. This is because conventional fluorescent lighting performs poorly in cold conditions, whereas LED lighting thrives in cold conditions. Also, LED lighting gives off little heat in comparison to traditional bulbs, meaning your freezer aisles won’t have to work as hard to stay cool! You can learn more about LEDs and cold food storage from us here.

Washington HyVee and Sitler’s: Bringing LED lights to grocery stores!

The Washington, Iowa HyVee recently purchased lamps from Sitler’s LED Supplies and are in the process of installing them with the help of the Besco Lighting team. Sitler’s is looking to install LED lighting in grocery stores in the state of Iowa to help you show your product in the best light while keeping foods fresher longer and reducing your energy bills. If you are in the Washington area, stop by HyVee to take a look at the new lights and call us today at (319)-519-0039 to learn how your grocery store can get started!

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