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Best LED Lighting for Your Restaurant

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Many factors go into determining the best-LED lighting for your restaurant. What type of food do you serve? Are you open for every meal, or just lunch and dinner? What type of ambiance and atmosphere do you wish to create for customers? What lighting will make your food look best? Finding the right lighting to answer these questions can be more difficult than it appears at first glance. Today we are going to dive into these questions and what LEDs offer the best solutions!

Restaurant Kitchen Lighting

One area of your restaurant you don’t want lacking in quality lighting is in the kitchen. Restaurant kitchens are all about multi-tasking and your kitchen staff needs the best lighting possible to cook, chop, saute and bake everything to perfection. You can also find unexpected areas to install LEDs in your kitchens, such as walk-in coolers and freezers. LEDs work extremely well in cold environments and have been proven to slow bacteria growth. Your food will last longer and taste better. You can read more about LED cold food storage lighting on our blog here.

LED Lighting and Food Presentation

We’ve all experienced a meal in a dingy restaurant with poor, flickering lighting and questionable food pairings. Even photos on menus will look gray or slightly unnatural colors. Proper lighting can help you avoid these pitfalls in your restaurant. Avoid lighting that is too yellow or orange in color, but not too bright and white that it washes out all of the food’s color. Somewhere between the 3,000k and 4,000k color temperature range in LEDs will work best.

Creating Mood Lighting

What atmosphere are you trying to create for your restaurant? Bright, light and modern? Warm, cozy and intimate? Fun and vibrant? Each of these environments requires a bit different LED lighting. For a bright and inviting restaurant, maybe a cafe or coffee shop, considering utilizing as much natural light as possible, coupled with LEDs ranging in 4,000k to 4,500k color temperature range. For a warm, intimate feel at your establishment, softer lighting is key. Look for LEDs in the 2,500k to 3,500k color temperature range. For a fun, vibrant restaurant where colors show true, look for a LED in the 3,500k to 4,500k color temperature range!

Find all of your LED restaurant lighting solutions at Sitler’s!

From kitchen to mood lighting, Sitler’s has all of the solutions for your restaurant’s lighting needs. You can call into (319)-519-0039 to set up a walk through with one of our lighting consultants, or send in a request online here!

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