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Can LEDs Improve Retail Sales?

Hear from our experts on Everything LED Lighting

A few posts back, we discussed the possibility of LED lighting improving sales and profits for car dealerships. We are back at it today, asking the question, “Can LEDs improve retail sales?” We won’t leave you in suspense. The answer is yes! LEDs can improve your sales by eliminating fading of products, showing clothing in their true colors, creating a better fitting room experience and more!

Show Your True Colors!

Have you ever been in a store, debating whether those pants are indeed navy blue or black? Or if that sweater is more orange or red? Colors change depending on lighting, making it that much more important to have great lighting in retail stores. LEDs are the best light on the market to show products, whether it is clothing, paint samples, or furniture, in their truest colors!

The Days of Fading will Fade Away!

Clothing, paint and furniture colors all fade over time, for various reasons. Did you know lighting could be a major factor in fading and discoloration? Most traditional light bulbs, such as fluorescent tubes or incandescent bulbs, even CFLs, give off UV rays that cause fading and discoloration? In a retail setting with clothing and fabric covered furniture, this means your products could be fading and losing quality over time. With LED lighting, no UV rays are given off, completely eliminating the chances of fading due to poor lighting! This means that items that don’t move as quickly, such as furniture, will stay in pristine condition for much longer!

The Dressing Room Dilemma

Shopping is an exciting activity, until you are faced with the dreaded dressing room. Notorious for the either dim and flickering or intense and unflattering light. Finding the best lighting can be difficult in dressing rooms, when taking into account the small spaces and large mirrors. LEDs make this easier, as they come in a variety of color temperatures to help you best light your dressing rooms so customers walk away with clothing they love!

You Can’t Forget Energy Savings!

Last, but not least, LEDs save you money each month on your energy bill, as well as over time on overall maintenance costs. By reducing your expenses, you will be able to create a larger profit. It’s a win/win!

Find the best LEDs for Your Retail Space with Sitler’s!

Sitler’s has worked with retail stores in the past, bringing them great LED lighting at a competitive cost. Invest in LED lighting today for your store to help increase sales! Send us an email or give us a call at (319)-519-0039 to get started!

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